We at Dolphin Wizard Company think your world should be a little more fantastical. We think you should get your geek on. We think you should indulge in quirk. And it’s all handmade in Gainesville, FL.

We are north central Florida’s only puppetry and toy company, and in our first few year, we have brought a puppet film festival and multiple live shows to Gainesville, invented puppet team trivia, traveled up and down the East Coast, and made our place at local festivals in Alachua County.

Our company is two-fold: Puppetry Training and Live Shows and Handmade Toys.

DolphinWizard Puppetry

Founder Daniel T. Ballard with a couple of puppets-in-progress.

Founder Daniel T. Ballard with a couple of puppets-in-progress.

Our live shows production company is DolphinWizard Co, and we are currently recruiting and training puppeteers for our cabaret shows around Gainesville and beyond.
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We design and make puppets, from small hand puppets to full-body suits, for shows big and small. Our puppets have moving parts and special effects. We design under contract for plays, festivals, and films. We also train puppeteers, using our combined experience of dance, kung fu, and musical theatre. We hope also to extend to performing comedy and puppet shows for clients.

We prefer a personal, homegrown approach in which the puppeteers use high-quality puppets made by members of our company. Recycled and repurposed materials compose up to 90 percent of our puppets. We at Dolphin Wizard Company enjoy the very act of puppet construction, and we believe that when the creative process is grounded in resourcefulness and ingenuity, the art of puppetry has a delightfully organic feel.

Ghoulanoids Toys

Painting a toy prototype.

Painting a toy prototype.

We design and make plastic and foam toys of dragons, kaiju, prehistoric creatures, and more. We celebrate the forgotten art form of true toys, while paying homage to old-fashioned monster movies and 1980s sci-fi. Our toys are creepy-cute and appropriate for both kids (age 7 and up) and adults!

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