geek punk bannerMaking toys inspired by monster movies and rock-n-roll just isn’t enough for us. We followed up on our excursions to Asheville and Orlando with our own brand of live alternative entertainment here in Gainesville, FL, performed at 1982 Bar and Arts Café in November 2014 and March 2015.

From the press release:

We deliver both high- and low-brow humor in our irreverent and goofy shows, featuring punk rock, Disney parodies, geek humor, and more. Our puppets, singers, burlesque dancers, and stand-up comedians are certain to give you a show unlike any other you’ve seen in Gainesville!

The shows included old standbys such as our Deranged Disney routines (when puppet princesses go bad) and our “Ripley and the Alien” routine with Angela Knox, as well as the Puppet Misfits, the only puppet punk band in Florida (and possibly the country).

Other special guests have included, to date, singer-songwriter Katie Hargrove, comedian Micaela Fagan, performance artists Charles Ely and Logan Stallings, and burlesque and fusion dancer Angela Knox.

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