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Puppets of the Dead, November 2014

“We decided not to do straight plays this year but to have it be more musical and more dance oriented,” said Rachel Wayne, manager at Dolphin Wizard Co.

The traveling showcase promises a special surprise at the interactive cabaret edition of Teatro de los Muertos [a production done through sister company DreamQuilt the previous year], using elements from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Alien” to make the show just the right amount of bizarre. There will be about nine performers and a total of 13 acts, each giving a different spooky feel for the audience.

“It’s going to be a bit of a wild ride,” Wayne said. “It’s definitely an alternative and adult show, so you should know going in that you’re seeing burlesque and almost complete nudity.”


“I am a freak about Halloween. Probably most excited about the aerialist,” said Summer Pitt, a 22-year-old UF telecommunication senior. “It sounds pretty cool, like a little Halloween festival.”

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