DolphinWizardCo, the live show branch of DolphinWizard Puppetry and Toys, has been busy with Pop Rocks shows, and is now part of the time-travel experience of the Cinema Cabaret, a mixed-media variety show at the newly updated cabaret space Market Street Gainesville, launched on May 15, 2015. Each show is set over the span of two decades and two continents. The first show was a classic German-American style cabaret that played classic film and cartoon clips from the 1920s and 30s. Puppetry was a major component of neo-Vaudeville and burlesque shows of this era, and puppetry’s affinity with jazz was well established later by none other than Jim Henson.

cinema cabaret poster webDolphinWizard Co introduced a new Muppets tribute (Mahna Mahna) and our darling Henrietta Henhouse sang the sorrows of the Dust Bowl. They then made fun of some classic Steamboat Willie and Betty Boop cartoons in true Muppet form.

The next Cinema Cabaret is August 1 and takes us to the 1940s and 50s.

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